The Cake

Sundays are often packed with people and ministry. After the ministry this morning, my companion and I enjoyed a cup of coffee and shared a slice of salted caramel cheesecake. 

I have been living in a complicated tension. On some days, I believed that the cake was evil. It will bring more harm than good to my health, it will destroy the good bacteria in my gut, it will add a few extra pounds on my already chubby body. The cake has to be avoided at all costs, I told myself. Oh, the measures I had taken to guard my mouth from taking a bite of the baked sugary dough!

On some other days, I swung to the other end of the pendulum, believing that the cake is a divine gift—created to pleased the palates of mankind. Today, the cake smells heavenly. Every cell in my body dance to the beat of each bite of the cake. My tongue bathed in the richness of the cheese. My heart sang. My tummy exploded with joy. I was satisfied and happy. Oh, what a great life, I thought to myself.

Nothing is all bad, I realised. Nothing is all good.

Life is not all bad. Life is not all perfect either. 
Life comes with challenges or obstacles but there are good days too. There are days when it is rainy but there are sunny days. Someone said, the rainbow is more beautiful after a rough storm.

People too. No one is all bad. No one is perfect. We have different sides to us. There is not a person who is all bad. There is still some goodness in each person, even the ones we deemed as “hopeless” or “bad”. 

Praise be to God who saw us before we were formed in our mother’s womb (Isaiah 44:24.! He loves us unconditionally just as we are. We can accept Him and come to Him in repentance. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came from Heaven and earth to die for us and His blood cleansed us from sins so that we can have a relationship with God. No one is too bad that He could not love. No one is so good that does not need Him.

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