Why Do Pastors Do Home Visitations

As a pastor, i visit members almost weekly. After all, we have been entrusted to take care of the people under our care ( Acts 20:28).

There are so many benefits of home visitations. I will only list three of them.

By visiting them, we will get to know their needs. What are their needs? May be some are struggling with health issues and they need our prayers. May be they are struggling with work and they need listening ears. Sometimes, it will lead to discussions on certain topics in the Bible.

By visiting them, my faith is strengthened and encouraged as i hear how God has been leading them and guiding them through challenges and obstacles in life. God is very much real in our lives, although we may not see Him with our eyes.

Home visitations are done in intimate settings: people’s homes. They are more relaxed and we are less hurried compared to being in the church. The time spent together in a relaxing manner helps to deepen our relationships. After home visits, I feel closer to the people I had visited. There is a change in relationships.

We pastors do care for our flock. Home visitations may take up some of our time but it is a way to show that we care about them and are holding them in our prayers.

John Wesley on Reading the Bible

In 1765, John Wesley wrote on some practical ways to read the Bible.

John Wesley gave us some practical ways to read the Bible.

In his book which was published in 1765, “Explanatory Notes upon the Old Testament”, he wrote:

-To set apart a little time, if you can, every morning and evening for that purpose?

At each time if you have leisure, to read a chapter out of the Old, and one out of the New Testament: if you cannot do this, to take a single chapter, or a part of one?

To read this with a single eye, to know the whole will of God, and a fixt resolution to do it?

In order to know his will, you should, have a constant eye to the analogy of faith;

Serious and earnest prayer should be constantly used, before we consult the oracles of God, seeing “scripture can only be understood thro’ the same Spirit whereby it was given.”

Our reading should likewise be closed with prayer, that what we read may be written on our hearts.

-And whatever light you then receive, should be used to the uttermost, and that immediately. Let there be no delay. Whatever you resolve, begin to execute the first moment you can. So shall you find this word to be indeed the power of God unto present and eternal salvation?

    What John Wesley meant was that the reading of the Bible should include these basics:

    a.little time

    b. a chapter

    c. a single eye

    d. a constant eye

    e. pray

    f. pause

    g. power

    a. little time

    You need to spend time to read the Bible. John Wesley said every morning and every evening, every day. You need to spend time to read the Bible. Make time in your schedule for Bible reading.

    b. a chapter

    Read a chapter from the Old Testament and a chapter from New Testament. If you can’t do that, you can read a chapter.

    c. a single eye

    We have to figure out what we can apply in our daily lives. After reading the chapter, what we should apply in our daily lives?

    d. a constant eye

    Have a constant eye to the analogy of faith: the original sin, justification by faith (because of faith, we are saved, and not because of good works), the new birth we have through Jesus Christ, Inward and Outward Holiness (emphasizing on Holy living).

    e. pray

    While reading the Bible, we pray for the Holy Spirit to give us understanding on the chapter. We also pray that God’s Word will be written in our hearts as we read.

    f. pause

    We should pause and examine ourselves by what we read. Examine our hearts and lives. This will result in giving praise to God when He has guided us to a path of blessedness, or at certain parts, we identified with the sins mentioned in the Bible, we then ask God for forgiveness.

    g. power

    The Bible gives us power to live a victorious life. There are so many testimonies of people who are able to face the challenges in life because they hold on to God’s promises and encouragements in His Word.

    We will be blessed as we read God’s Word. After all, it is God’s love letter to us. It is the instructions on living our lives. Let us set aside time each day to read His Word.

    The Pastor

    What does a pastor do?

    Pastors are people called by God to lead His people with knowledge and understanding (Jeremiah 3:15). The pastor is responsible to keep watch over their lives so that their life examples and teachings are according to God’s Word (Acts 20:17-28).

    The pastors are not to work for money. Money should not be the motivator. We are to serve God’s people willingly and eagerly because we have been appointed by God. Shepherding God’s people under our care can be hard work but if we remain faithful, someday when we see Jesus face to face, we will receive the crown of glory that will never fade away (1 Peter 5:4).

    Let us pray for our pastors so that we will serve God with joy until the end.

    Wonderful friendships are gifts from God

    God gives us friends as we journey in life. Good friends are indeed hard to come by.

    Friends are the people we choose to have in our lives. We choose our friends. Our friends choose us. A friendship is based on voluntary association between 2 people who enjoy each other’s companionship.

    Researches show that friendship keeps the brain healthy and good friends are crucial in protecting our mental health.

    How rare it is to have wonderful friendships that are grace-filled, love of God is shown, boundaries are respected, vulnerability are shared, constructive criticisms are accepted, differences are embraced and mutual encouragements are given.

    Life is a journey. roughout our life, we may meet different people. Some will journey with us for a season in life while some will journey with us for many seasons in life. Regardless of their durations in our life, our friends make a sweet impact in our lives.