Thank you, mummy

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day. I must confess the celebration was “mild” in comparison to what she has done for me all these years. I guess I would never understand the depth and breadth of a mother’s sacrificial heart.

We had a delicious cake and our friend ordered a steamboat feast for us! We are so blessed!

Jesus Christ showed us how to honour our mothers by giving us examples of how He honoured His. One example was during Jesus’ final moments on Earth. He was crucified on the Cross, bruised and bleeding —a scene that no mother wanted to witness— yet, in His pain and sufferings, He remembered His mother. He made sure that she was taken care of after His death. He entrusted her to His disciple, John.

26 When Jesus saw his mother there, and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to her, “Woman, here is your son,” 27 and to the disciple, “Here is your mother.” From that time on, this disciple took her into his home.”

(John 19:26-27, NIV)

From that moment on, Mary stayed with John. It was believed that Mary accompanied John all the way to Ephesus when he served as a bishop. Most probably she was buried in there.

  1. Spiritual needs
    1. Remember our mother in our daily prayers. Sometimes they fight battles which they do not tell us about. May God protect her from harm and danger. Ask God to grant her joy in her identity as the daughter of the Almighty God and that she will experience God’s presence and love daily.
    2. Encourage her to deepen her spiritual walk with God. Encourage her to hold on to Him especially as we are navigating through the pandemic.
    3. Encourage her to attend Bible classes to be nourished and refreshed by God’s Word.
    4. Encourage her to get to know other ladies of character from the church so that she will have friends to walk on the journey of faith together.
  2. Emotional needs
    1. Spend time with her and keep her company. Before the pandemic, my mum and I would go shopping together and enjoy bonding over a cup of coffee and desserts on Monday afternoons. Now that the Covid-19 cases are spiking again, we are spending more time at home. We do not share the same hobbies or have the same interests in movies but we can still talk about other things. Find something to do that you both would enjoy.
    2. Ask her what she needs. Rather than giving her things she does not appreciate or need, I asked my mum what would she like to have as a gift for Mother’s Day. She does not like surprises. She does not like massages or the latest fashions as much as I want to pamper her. Communicate with your mum so that both of you will enjoy the relationship instead of holding secret grudges or resentments.
  3. Physical needs
    1. As she is getting older, take a look around the house to make sure that it is safe for her to walk around. Replace things around the house if it is falling apart or not safe to be used anymore.
    2. Our mother may not be able to move as quick as she used too. Her taste buds may change but let us honour her and be patient with her.
    3. Encourage her to get healthy! Eat balanced diets and make sure that she gets enough rest and sleep.

There are many things that we can do to show our love for our mother. May God grant us wisdom and love to provide for our mother so that she can live comfortably and healthily. May God be honoured and glorified as we honour our mothers.