Why Do Pastors Do Home Visitations

As a pastor, i visit members almost weekly. After all, we have been entrusted to take care of the people under our care ( Acts 20:28).

There are so many benefits of home visitations. I will only list three of them.

By visiting them, we will get to know their needs. What are their needs? May be some are struggling with health issues and they need our prayers. May be they are struggling with work and they need listening ears. Sometimes, it will lead to discussions on certain topics in the Bible.

By visiting them, my faith is strengthened and encouraged as i hear how God has been leading them and guiding them through challenges and obstacles in life. God is very much real in our lives, although we may not see Him with our eyes.

Home visitations are done in intimate settings: people’s homes. They are more relaxed and we are less hurried compared to being in the church. The time spent together in a relaxing manner helps to deepen our relationships. After home visits, I feel closer to the people I had visited. There is a change in relationships.

We pastors do care for our flock. Home visitations may take up some of our time but it is a way to show that we care about them and are holding them in our prayers.

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