What I Learnt From Making Videos Every Week

Due to the lockdown, I have not seen my church members face to face physically. To stay in touch with them, I am shooting a video every week.It is a challenge to do videos—at least for me! Preaching from the pulpit and talking to the camera are two very different things! It takes time to adjust to speaking to the camera. For the very first video, a friend was talking to me on Zoom so that I would appear to be more natural in my video. Shout out to my buddy SB for standing by me! For another video, my mum was sitting across from me when I was talking to the camera. The next videos were done when I was alone in my parsonage, and I had to gone through many retakes.Shout out to my Heng Dai, Alex for encouraging me and supporting me with the video edits for the first few videos! And making the thumbnail look presentable! I would be lost without your help and guidance!Apart from these, there are the hardware to take care of such as getting the tripod, finding a space with natural lighting (I prefer natural lighting so I shoot my videos in the morning). Before I had my tripod, I was holding the camera and it was just my big head on the screen. It must have been hard for church members to watch. I shot the videos on my phone Honor 9X.After videoing myself, I sent the videos over to my friend to edit it. After that, we will post to the group chat and on YouTube.After a few weeks of doing these videos, I am speaking slower than usual (I speak very fast when I am nervous). I block my Friday mornings for shooting so that it will give my friend time to edit before we send the video out.My videos are still cringe-worthy, but they are still works in progress. Friends who watch the video will give me advice so that I can improve on this craft. I do take their advice to heart and hope it will get better as the weeks go by! It is definitely a new way to do ministry!

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