Be Refreshed in the Lord

The year 2020 has been a tough year for everyone. Without warning, the pandemic came and interrupted our lives —we shall never be the same again. Nevertheless, this should not be an excuse not to move forward in our lives.  

No doubt, there are good things that have come out of the lockdown. For example, during the lockdown, we were able to take a break from the hustle of work life and to spend more time at home. We could spend time to reflect on our life, our work, our relationships and also spend time to cultivate a deeper relationship with our family members and with God.  We were also given the opportunity to learn some new skills (e.g. cooking, baking, DIY projects around the house) or to pick up a new hobby (e.g. playing a music instrument, listening to music, gardening, etc.)

There were tough times too. The pandemic could add stress in our family relationships. It also adds anxiety as we might be affected financially. It turns our family time-table upside down. When the going gets tough, we need to come before God’s throne of grace and mercy to be refreshed.

Be refreshed in our minds

The psalmist says, “My soul is consumed with longing for your laws at all times” (Psalm 119:20, NIV). For the psalmist, he fills his mind with the word of God. He knows that the word of God guides him and sustains him at all times. When he was surrounded by evil and arrogant people, when he was slandered, he delighted in God ‘s Word. It is God’s word that give him delight, counsel and advice (Psalm 119:23, NIV). 

Be refreshed emotionally

The psalmist was taunted by others but he held on to God’s promise of His unfailing love and salvation (verses 41-42). Being taunted and slandered may bring us down emotionally. Remember the example of the psalmist. He is able to walk in freedom and joy because he trusts in God (verse 45). He knows he will not be put to shame. If you are slandered, hold on to the Lord. Like the psalmist, he turned to the Lord and realized that blameless and righteous people will be blessed by the Lord (verse 1).

Be refreshed spiritually

The psalmist says, “My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to your word“ (Psalm 119:28). The psalmist delights himself in God’s Word but still, he faces sorrow and anguish. He refreshed his soul by dwelling in God’s Word. Feeling anguish is something that happens to us. Let us be encouraged by God’s Word. His Word encourages us and His Word reminds us how deeply we are loved by our Father in Heaven.

Be refreshed physically

Taking care of our physical needs is just as important. Eating nutritious food, getting blood pumping through regular exercise, getting enough sleep will refresh us physically.                                                                                                

The psalmist experiences God with his senses. He seeks the Lord with his heart (Psalm 119:10), he hides God’s Word in his heart (verse 11) and he rejoices at God’s law (verse 14). With his heart, he obeys God’s law (v 34). With his lips, he recounts God’s law (verse 13). He prays that God will turn his eyes from worthless things (v37) and that God will open them to see the wonderful things in God’s law (verse 18). He holds fast to God’s Word (v 31) and uses his legs to run in the path of God’s command (v 32).

The psalmist uses all of his physical body to praise the Lord. He uses his eyes, his mouth, his heart, and as an imagery, his hands and legs to seek the Lord and to praise Him. 

It is my prayers that you will be refreshed in your mind, emotionally, spiritually and physically. May you experience the deep and satisfying love of God.

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