When Dogs Have Wings

As with most good things, he came into my life unexpectedly. A photo of him was circulating in the group chats: he was abandoned by his owner(s). My mum and I talked about it. Perhaps it was love at first sight, we decided to bring him home.

And that was the beginning of an adventure together. He became my best friend. Whenever I am home from work, we would be spending all our time together. In the evenings, I would nap on the sofa and he would be napping at my feet. While having meetings on Zoom, he would lie next to my feet. Before his bed time, I would cuddle him. He loved that. In the mornings, we would go for short walks around the neighbourhood. I love him so.

Unfortunately, tick fever took him away too soon. I wish we could have longer time together. There were so many adventures I was planning to bring you along. May be we will save our adventures in heaven.

I miss you everyday, my boy. Thank you for coming into my life, though just for a brief moment.

A dog came unexpectedly into my life and he became my best friend.

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