Let Every Dog (or Strays) Be Loved

I have 3 dogs, out of which 2 were strays. I strongly see the importance of rescuing or adopting abandoned dogs/cats. Here are why:

1. Giving them a second chance in life

The strays will be put to sleep eventually when there are too many of them. Adopting is giving them another chance to live, literally. 

2. The local dogs are just as lovable

The local breed are just as lovely and adorable, not just the pedigrees. Just because they are not pedigrees does not mean that they are less adorable.

Bonus point is that they know they have been rescued and therefore, they tend to be grateful. The rescued dogs in my house? They come to me for cuddles every day and I can tell from their eyes how grateful they are to have a new home. They are now such a big part of my life. We are best buddies.

3. They have prior training

If you are adopting older dogs, chances are they have lived with an owner or a family before and therefore are more likely to be trained, at least in the basic. 

I was surprised how many things my older dog already knows within the first few days in my house. He is about 3 years old when I took him home. He is really well behaved. It makes my job of training him much easier.

4.  Let us not support puppy mills

Some breeders can be so focused on making profits that they neglect on the health and wellbeing of the female dogs. Let us not support such breeders who bend to inhuman acts.

 There are so many stray dogs in our city waiting to be adopted by individuals/families who love them. The reward of giving them a loving and safe home is countless.

Keeping a dog is a commitment

My parents have 2 dogs. They are such loyal friends and companions! Whenever I am home, they would sit by me (while I am typing this, one of them is only 1 foot away from me). After my aunt died, I was sad and I cried. The dog came to me and licked the tears on my cheek. He could not speak, but he brought so much comfort to me.

Dogs are such loyal companions!

Unfortunately, stray dogs and stray puppies are everywhere in my city!

Before getting a dog, please do remember that it is a commitment – – – as long as your dog shall live. No doubt, there are a lot of hard work involved in caring for a pet. But this is not an excuse to abandon the pet dog in the street and let it survive on its own. There are too many people abandoning their dogs when they are unwell or old. Some owners even abandoned their dogs once they are bored with them. 
If you are a dog owner, it is your responsibility to spay your dog so that it will not produce litters after litters of puppies!
If you have been wanting to have a dog, do consider rescuing or adopting a stray dog instead of buying from breeders or pet shops.