Food on the Table

Since the Movement Control Order, my parents and I have been eating at home. My mum is the Master Chef. She plans the menu for our breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for the past 59 days (I took charge of the afternoon tea break, which is, a variety of snacks from biscuits to popcorns, peanuts and sunflower seeds). As I have mentioned yesterday, mum bears the weight of our household things so that we are free to do our work. Eating at home resets my palate. Each dish has been wonderfully prepared by mum. The finely chopped vegetables, the diced carrots, the fragrance of the curry chicken, the nutrients dense vegetable soup… each dish are prepared with love and sweat from the kitchen (the weather gets so hot in the evenings) . As they say, “health is wealth”, “you are what you eat”. I do crave for pizzas, fries and bubble tea from time to time but homecook meals bring the delight of bringing my family together. Having meals together is our bonding time. We talked about our day, what we did, and what we read from the newspapers. When I was living by myself, I ate in front of the laptop, watching whatever programme I had the mood for that particular day. I do enjoy spending time with my parents at the dining table. In the prayer our Lord Jesus Christ has taught us, there was a part which goes like this, “give us this day our daily bread”. It means, God will provide for all that we need. We need not worry what we are to eat and drink because God knows what we need (Matthew 6:25-34). Most of the time, the simple pleasures in life, and things that give us joy, are blessings from God which money can never buy. Let us receive them with a grateful heart.
A quote by C. S. Lewis which I saw on Facebook.

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