Why I Love Being a Pastor?

  1. The blessings of spending time with God

The best thing I love about being a pastor is that I get to study God’s Word, and even get sponsored to study God’s Word in seminaries! I am also blessed with opportunities to lead prayer meetings and pray with pastors and friends from other denominations. Going for silent retreats yearly is also something I look forward to. These are wonderful blessings of God!   

2. The ability to walk with families through times of joy and times of sorrow

Being a pastor, I am privileged to walk with church members in their life journeys. From church members getting married to having babies and seeing their children grow up and go to school, I had been invited to different stages of their lives. There are also times of sorrow too. I got to spend time praying with the elderly, helping their families to say goodbye to them and then conducting their funerals. Being a pastor gives me access into their lives. 

3. The love from church members

The love and support from church members warmed my heart too. They show their love by taking me on holidays, sending me food and warm my heart with heart-felt messages.    

4. Seeing transformation of lives

I had witnessed transformation of lives: breaking of sin patterns, restoration of relationships, or see someone being more committed to serve the Lord. It is a privilege and a joy to see transformations through the power of the Holy Spirit.  

5. Seeing young people making impact wherever they are

For many years, I have the joy of serving in the Youth Ministry. Seeing these youths transformed by God and being used by God wherever they are is such a joy.

6. Seeing my family walk closely with the Lord   

Since becoming a pastor, my family has been walking closely with the Lord too. It is such a blessing to see my family fervent for the Lord. 

It has been such a great blessing to serve the Lord and His people! I thank the Lord for you too. Thank you for reading my blog posts!

5 Joys of Being a Pastor

Pastor’s Appreciation Day came early this year. The Pastor Parish Relations Committee of the church which I am attached to sent me one of my favourite foods: pizza, to celebrate Pastor’s Appreciation Day.

I stumbled upon a website: describingwords.io

What do you think are the words that are used to describe the pastor?

Here are what I found https://describingwords.io/for/pastor

I picked out a few interesting ones from the list: useful and beloved; affectionate and vigilant; pained and pious; solemnly sulky and glum; loving and laborious; enlightened and vigilant; well-trained, tactful; cheery, shabby.

My favourite one from the list: “now gray-hair”, which is true for me.

I have also come up with a list, but my list is my “joyful” list. They are about my joy of being a pastor:

  1. Seeing people come to know Jesus

…especially when they had been struggling in life on their own. It is so wonderful to see the change in them after they had accepted Jesus Christ. They are now filled with hope, love, peace and joy of the Lord. I have been blessed to see these transformations. Apart from these, baptising people are touching moments for me personally. I have baptised the elderly in their homes, baptised people in the river during missions trip, and baptised people in the church service. These were meaningful moments to me.

  1. Serving together with others who love the Lord

One thing I am always grateful for are the brothers and sisters in Christ who serve the Lord together with me with one heart, one voice and one mind. It is always so joyful serving together with them. They had made a lot of sacrifices in ministry as well as putting in their time, effort, sweat and tears, and money. It always amazes me how much they love the Lord and they in turn encouraged me in my ministry.

  1. Sending out full-time workers

It brings me great joy when a young person confided that they would like to be a pastor in the future. I would talk more to them about the ministry and get them more involved in serving.

  1. Overwhelmed by love from church members

Often I received messages and texts from church members. I know they are thinking of me. During the lockdown, we received food, messages and love. My parents and I are ever so appreciative of their love.

  1. Preaching of God’s Word

When church members told me that my message spoke to them, or they learned something from the Bible studies, it brings me great joy. To me, it is the greatest thing in the world: we are getting paid to read God’s Word, and to preach from the Holy Bible. That is the best part of my calling.

Looking at this list, all that I can say is, “Thank you, Lord!”